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This section is composed entirely of contributions from real people who enjoy the DWC lifstyle. There is absolutely no fiction of any kind in here and all entries are included with the permission of the writers. Names and locations are changed for privacy.

Copyright 2003 The Disciplinary Wives Club, All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Hear what these real people have to say.
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Dear Aunt Kay,
     Thank you for your wonderful and very informative site! My husband and I have been using domestic discipline in our marriage since 1997. Although we already had a strong marriage and a good relationship, it still needed some improvement. That is when my husband introduced me to your great website. Admittedly, I was taken aback at first because the mere idea of spanking a grown man seemed somewhat absurd.

 However, once my husband confided in me that it was what he wanted, I decided to give it a chance. I agreed to take charge of his personal discipline. We both hoped that corporal punishment would help him curb some of his undesirable behavioral tendencies.  I am happy to say that it has served its purpose well! We both have come to appreciate the value that spanking him has added to our marriage.

 I keep a Disciplinary Diary which is a record of our domestic spankings. In this book there is a list of rules that we both must follow for the good of the marriage. Generally speaking I have no problem following them, however they are bit more challenging for my husband.  Any violation on his part of “The Rules” results in him getting a spanking. The duration of his spanking depends upon how many rules are broken. In this book I also keep a record of all his violations and the subsequent spankings.




This is what our typical spanking set up looks like. In the first picture you can see my Disciplinary Diary on our spanking chair along with my favorite paddle. I purchased the paddle from your website, it is called “The School Maarm” and it is perfect for over-the-knee spanking!

 Once I am comfortably seated in the spanking chair, I  call my naughty boy into the room.  It is time for me to give him a good, hard, over-the-knee spanking.  I have him place the Disciplinary Diary on the floor where he will be able to see it once he is over my lap. Of course it is opened to “The Rules” page so he has something to focus on during his spanking.  He is then summoned to my right side and I discuss with him his infractions and why he is getting a spanking.  This is usually when the lecture or scolding begins.  I make sure that the paddle is sitting in my lap in order for him to see it. During the lecture, it is always difficult for him to maintain good eye contact with me because his eyes keep glancing down to my paddle. No doubt he is anticipating the pain that it will soon inflict upon his bottom!



Satisfied that he understands the reason(s) for his spanking, I then direct him to bare his
bottom. I have found that it seems to be more humiliating for him if I have him take his pants and underwear down himself. With fumbling fingers he unbuckles his belt and then unzips his pants.

    I always spank him on his bare bottom. I want to make sure he feels it and I think it adds an important ingredient to the entire experience. It serves to minimize the “male ego!” It is usually with a red face that my husband bares his bottom. It is my desire to make his rump just as red. His excitement is obvious once his pants are down around his ankles. However, within the first minute of his spanking that will be minimized as well.

 “Bare your bottom, Mister!” I order. “Pull those pants all the way down to your ankles. You know I always spank you bare.” I remind him. The only acceptable reply is, “Yes Ma’am!”  And “Yes Ma’am!” it is.  With his thumbs inside the waist of his pants, he simultaneously pulls down his pants and underwear.




  I really appreciate the instruction that you give in your “Tips and Methods,” Aunt Kay.
I am especially fond of the Ambiance and Your Attitude admonition that a submissive man does not want a weak or lenient woman. He wants someone very strict and dominant. If he wanted anything different, he wouldn't be over your knees in the first place.  This is so very true! I must be stern with him so that there is no doubt in his mind that I am about to give him a spanking.
Even if I wanted to, I could not physically force my husband over my lap for a spanking. He goes over my knee because he knows it is in his best interest to do so. It is in the best interest of our marriage that I paddle his bottom on a regular basis.

 As a result of applying your methods, I have come to appreciate the power of the paddle!
Non-DWC wives have to nag or badger their husbands to get things done or correct their bad behavior. And, as most women know, this rarely works. However, as we both can appreciate, our threats carry the force of an embarrassing and painful spanking. All I have to do is threaten my husband with the paddle and he knows that he had better straighten up! Otherwise, he is going to get paddled. This is discipline that I firmly and lovingly provide.  Corporal discipline is both what he needs and wants, even if he may not desire it at that particular time.



  “That’s it, get those pants down around your ankles.”  I demand.  His britches will remain there for the next half hour or so. I will not allow him to pull them up again until after his spanking and corner time.

  Now it is time for him to assume the position. Of all the possible spanking positions, over-the-knee spanking is my favorite. It clearly establishes who is in charge during the session. While I am sitting down on my bottom, his bottom is bare and in the air waiting for my paddle!

  With his pants and perhaps his pride down around his ankles, I tap my knee with the paddle. He knows to quickly obey my command. “Okay, get over my knee!”  Although I usually don’t have to say anything, I order him over my lap. “Yes Ma’am” he contritely responds.  Over my lap he goes.  As he climbs over my knee, I remember your instructions to not be afraid to humiliate, and above all, when that bare bottom is turned upside down across your knee waiting for the paddle or hairbrush, don't disappoint him.

  Once he is in position and I am comfortable with his weight across my lap, I like to caress his bare bottom with my paddle. “You know better than to break the rules now don’t you?” I ask. “Yes Ma’am” he replies. His pale rump quivers in anticipation of the spanking to come.  “What happens when you break the rules?” I ask. “I get a spanking, Ma’am.” he answers. “Yes, you get a spanking.” I add. “A well deserved spanking! I am going to blister your bottom!”
“Yes Ma’am.”  he acknowledges.  I now have his undivided attention!



  I then begin his disciplinary session. I usually do my best to follow your advice Kay by
giving him a good warm-up. I begin his spanking by paddling his bottom in spurts of four to six licks. He begins to squirm a bit but he does his best to keep it to a minimum.
Within the first minute of the spanking, I can feel that his excitement has waned.
The sting of my paddle has eliminated any of his sexual fantasies or desires to be spanked. This is a real spanking and the reality is that he is going to have a very sore and tender behind when I’m through! I am now completely focused on spanking his naughty   bare bottom.

  I increase the series of swats to ten or twelve. He moans in pain as he firmly clutches my left ankle.  “You deserve this spanking and you’re going to get it!” I scold him.
 “This is what happens when you act like a brat and break the rules!”
“You keep your head down and your rump up !” I demand. “Yesss Maaaam!” he cries.  I can see that he is trying to cheat by straightening his legs. This makes it easier for him to take the spanking by clinching his buttocks. But I know how to remedy this situation.  “I see what you are doing!” I declare. His warm-up time is over.



  I usually only allow a few minutes for warm-up time. It really depends on the number of infractions and how long the spanking is going to last. One violation results in a ten minute OTK spanking and five minutes more for each violation. This spanking was for two violations so it lasted for fifteen minutes.
 This is not fifteen minutes of non-stop spanking. I’m afraid my arm would give out if that were the case! This is the amount of time I’m paddling his bottom and scolding him between series. For longer spanking sessions which may last twenty-five to thirty minutes, I usually take a recess for my arm and send him to the corner midway through. Then once I’m ready, the timer starts again and he goes back over my knee for the remainder of his spanking.

“Bend your knees and hold your position!” I tell him as I tap the back of his knees with my paddle.  “Yes Ma’am ” He quickly answers catching his breath. Now I begin to paddle his bottom almost non-stop! The only time I pause is to catch my own breathe.
It is during such a pause that I examine his bottom. I want to make sure that his rump is showing the signs of a good, hard spanking.  I can tell by his demeanor that the paddle is getting through to him.  If he wasn’t sorry before, he definitely is now!



  “Crack, crack, crack, crack, crack….oooh!” The only sound in the room is the crack of the paddle across his bare bottom.  He moans and groans in pain as he secures a firm grip on my ankle once again.  With his knees bent, I begin to paddle the tenderest area of his behind. As you know Kay, this makes for a much more painful and therefore a more effective spanking!

  As I vigorously paddle his bottom, I am reminded of your instructions Kay.
This isn't a small child you are holding over your lap by force -- this is a grown man who needs and wants a hard spanking. Give it to him and pay no attention to his cries for mercy. The longer and harder you spank, the more he will love you for it.



This is so true! It seems the harder I spank him, the more loving and affectionate he is to me later. He is always a much more attentive and caring husband after I have given him a hard spanking.

 I pause to catch my breath after delivering a series of fifty to sixty licks non-stop.
“Oh my God!” He exclaims. “My butt feels like it‘s on fire!” “Is my spanking almost over yet?” he whines. This is not an unusual question, even though he knows that it will be almost over once my timer goes off. “Did you hear the timer?” I ask. “No Ma’am” he replies.  I glance down at the timer and notice that there is only a few minutes left. “Did I say I was done paddling your bottom?” I ask. “ No Ma’am” he says.
“ You know better than to ask if your spanking is over!” I reply firmly.

“Yes Ma’am!” he bashfully answers. It is now time for the finale. This is the conclusion of his spanking. I often refer to this as his “rump roasting” because this is when I really aim to blister his bottom good.
 Yes this is when I want to make sure I drive home the message! “Give me your hand and bend your knees completely.” I demand. “Yes Ma’am” he replies as he reluctantly gives me his right hand. I take hold of his right hand with my left.  With his hand in mine, I now begin to swing the paddle as hard as I can, aiming exclusively for his sweet spot. “CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, CRACK……..OH GOD!” he cries.
He squirms in pain but he can’t go anywhere because I have his arm pinned behind his back. As he squeezes my hand, I tenaciously spank his bottom! “CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, CRACK……OOOOH! he cries.



 I ignore his whimpering as I relentlessly roast his rump with the paddle! I want him to remember this lesson every time he sits down. In fact I want him to think about me and how his behavior affects us. He will be reminded of the consequences for not obeying the rules every time he sits down.

 As I blister his bottom, I recall your advice: 
A spanking should be an event to remember. Don't worry about how red his bottom gets. The more color you put into it, the better you are doing. Don't pay any attention to his cries and pleas and promises. He will tell you anything to get you to stop.  

CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, CRACK …….OH….OOOH…PLEASE! he groans. By now I am totally focused on spanking him. With his bottom at a perfect 90 degree angle, I roast his rump non-stop. I blister his bottom swinging the paddle as hard as I can. His lips quiver in pain and his eyes tear up. Although he is not sobbing, his grip on my hand is deathly, his moans agonizing.

  The spanking is almost over so I must make every second count. Fifteen minutes ago his bottom was a pale creamy white but now it is a nice rosy shade of red. Mild blisters have formed on both of his buns. He struggles to hold his position but there is no escaping the paddle! I can feel his heart beating rapidly against my thigh. Every muscle in his body is tense and his breathing is labored but controlled.  The room is filled with the sound of my wooden paddle spanking his bare bottom accompanied by his moaning and groaning.



  I paddle one cheek, then the other and then both doing my best to make sure I give his buns equal attention. It is during the conclusion of the session that I really focus on paddling the lower portion of his rump, where his legs meet his bottom.  He is going to feel this spanking for the next four or five days.



“CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, CRACK …….OOOOH……UHHHH …..HONEY PLEASE!” he moans. The paddle keeps coming full force on the vulnerable target.
 The sounds of spanking are now accompanied with the sound of my timer. The spanking doesn’t end until I say it does. However, once the timer goes off I usually end the session shortly afterwards. If he has been really bad, then I may have him stand up for some additional licks with my stand-up paddle or cane. When this occurs he is required to grab his ankles and count each swat.

 This is not the case for this illustrated story. His spanking is now over. As he lies across my lap and catches his breath, I examine is roasted rump. “Okay you may get up now.” I tell him. As he climbs off of my lap, I observe that his face matches his crimson bottom.
Once again I am reminded of your closing words Aunt Kay: When you let him up, his eyes should be wet with tears, his knees should be quivering, and his bottom blistered!



  I now send my remorseful husband to the corner so he can think about why is bottom is  throbbing. “Now go stand in the corner and don’t come out until I tell you to.” I tell him. “Yes Ma’am” he replies. Once his corner time is over, he apologizes for his behavior and thanks me for spanking him. He now is allowed to pull his pants up and continue on with the rest of his day. For the next the week or at least as long as his bottom is sore, he is a perfect gentlemen!


 Spanking serves as a checks and balances system for us. It has helped us resolve some serious behavioral issues. It has made him a more dedicated husband and me a more confident wife. We are both happier as a result! This is what the Disciplinary Wives Club means to me. So thank you Aunt Kay and Jerry for your wonderful site! I hope you enjoy our first ever Real Story with pictures!
                                                                                                      Mrs. Warren


Dear Aunt Kay,

You have created a wonderful website that is very informative and your implements are of outstanding quality. My wife’s favorite is Old Reliable. We have purchased three of your paddles, two canes and two books and all are absolutely great.

Although we have been to your website numerous times, our attempts at the lifestyle weren’t really successful. I think the main reason was (just learned this in the last couple of days ) that my wife felt that being spanked was just a sexual fantasy of mine and that it was just one more chore to add to her list. Her punishments were irregular and  usually not severe enough to change any bad behavior ( although there were a few exceptions ).

Sometime around January 15, I visited the website to see if you had added any new implements. Instead of a new paddle, etc. I found  the letter from Mrs. Warren ! She sounded as if she could have been my wife. She outlined a very structured system and her idea of a timer was nothing short of brilliant along with her diary. My wife is very structure and list oriented. That weekend while we were at the computer for another reason I went to the website and showed  Mrs. Warren’s letter and when she said she liked the timer idea I presented her with a brand new timer of her own. She also liked the diary and said we needed to get a notebook. While she was at work that Monday I went and purchased a really nice binder. It has a clear sleeve on it’s cover so I downloaded a copy of the window scene and the DWC logo and inserted them inside the sleeve. I wrote a “Mission Statement” and since I couldn’t find any of our DWC contracts I made up a Chore and Rule Agreement form. When she came home from work that evening she was impressed and we agreed that our new lifestyle would start Feb. 1. We also agreed that in the meantime there would be some “training” sessions.

When she came home on Tuesday evening  I had added her caning manual and a copy of Mrs. Warren’s letter as our guide to the book along with a section called The Weekly Review and Punishment Log There is also a section on the different types of spankings. If a chore is not done, or not done correctly there may or may not be an immediate spanking, but either way it is listed in the log. Breaking a rule gets an immediate spanking plus entered into the log. Every Saturday AM is weekly review and punishment time.

Just like Mrs. Warren, 1 offense 10 min. session plus 5 min. for each additional offense. Two or more offenses  will also earn 5 cane strokes per offense.  She said she thought it was time for the first training session and that it would be a 5 min. one.  I was thinking that this was going to be like the spankings in the past, just over her knee for a longer period of time.  It was rather appropriate that this was the same day that  the man that ran on “real change”  was inaugurated  as President. When the 5 min. was over my bottom was on fire ! I had never had a spanking like that in my life. There was also a feeling of contentment that is also indescribable . The next day I met her during lunch and I told her that we should have made a video of the night before because it would have been perfect for a DWC training video and that my backside was still sore.
She promised that she was going to add to it when she got home.  That one was bent over a barstool and was only 12 spanks with a ping pong paddle, but there were tears in my eyes when I stood up. That Saturday AM  I received a 10 min. training spanking for our weekly review and somehow I though I heard fire trucks on their way. I asked her what had made such a huge difference in her spankings and she said that my putting that much time and effort into making  the manual had convinced her that my need was not sexually driven. We also agreed that we were starting the lifestyle right then.

Another  Saturday AM weekly review has come and gone since then and I had forgotten one chore and broken one rule ( one that was a double entry into the log plus 5 additional cane strokes ) so that was a 20 min. session and 15 cane strokes. The timed sessions work very well as she has all the time she needs to scold while my bottom is in position for her to add emphasis when she pleases. There have been very few days since Jan. 20th that my bottom hasn’t been sore, but there also hasn’t been a time in my life when I have been any happier. She tells me that her happiness is off the charts because of my new attitude and  sharing the workload as well as giving her some special attention.

All I can say to men that think this is the lifestyle that they want is to search their souls and be absolutely sure of it first, then try to find a way for it to fit your wife’s personality so that it is not going to be impossible for her and last but not least, make one of your first rules one that states that even if you decide in the future that you don’t want to be spanked that it is ok as long as you obey her, do your chores and  follow the rules. If not, you’ll be spanked, like it or not. It is totally unfair for you to expect your wife to make this big of a change and then change back for whatever reason that you choose.
We have also added a point system to our book. If no rules are broken, all chores done correctly and on time and I have not disobeyed her for the week I receive so many points. If I have anything in the log for that week  so many points are deducted for each offense. There is a list of  rewards and how many points it takes to get them. When I have enough points saved I may purchase my choice. If I don’t have enough I must save until I do.

There has been one side effect that neither of us expected. We are kissing, holding hands and totally crazy about each other again. We have always loved each other, but it has brought us closer together and it happened almost immediately upon starting this lifestyle.

This is a message to Mrs. Warren. Thank you so much for writing your letter. Every Saturday AM around 8 I hope that it brings a smile to your face knowing that there is another husband  over his wife’s knee getting his “rump roasted” and that he is eternally grateful to you.

Thanks again Aunt Kay and wish you continued success with your website.


Dear Aunt Kay:

I have been a member of this website for quite a few years now, back when You called potential members and spoke to the wife personally. we were going along pretty good and then I got sick (cancer) which I beat; five years and no sign of it coming back.

I just wanted you to know that we stayed away from the spankings for a long time, but as you know we husbands cannot stay away for very long. I have been to many many websites. Yours is still the most honest  and genuine of all of them. I feel comfortable on your site. More comfortable than any other site I have visited.

I just wanted to tell you that my wife and I are back into DWC, and it feel like I have come home from a long journey. I am so happy that she is really getting back in the swing of things. I think she agreed to come back because your site is so genuine.

Thanks again.



Dear Aunt Kay,

I think your web site is just great.

My wife and I have been married for 30 years. She takes care of my every need and we have had wonderful romance and outstanding sex for all those years. A couple of years ago I told her a fantasy that I have had since the age of about 12; that I dreamed of being paddled lovingly by strong willed women. She asked me why I waited so long to tell. I said, “Well, it’s not exactly a normal thing.” She, a totally open minded and willing to try anything woman, answered, “Who cares.”

Our morning ritual is coffee in bed while we listen to the morning shows and I massage her back. When she has had sufficient massage, she will say, “Well, I guess we better get on with your spanking.” (She alternates with other erotic terms like, “ass blistering”, “scorching your behind” and “frying your ass.”) I naturally object saying things like, “it isn’t right” and“it’s against the natural order things” and she answers, “It’s the most necessary thing in the world. You couldn’t get through a day without it. We need to get things straight with that naughty little boy inside of you so you can make it through the day..” Then she massages me whilst telling that the paddle is very near and she is going to cook my behind. She puts her hand between my legs and while touching the cheeks of my hiney says, “And right there is going to be burned up like a crispy critter.” I wiggle and moan in ecstasy.

The paddle is a long handled wooden cooking spoon that I have modified by extending the handle with a 7/8th’s diameter by 7 inch long dowel. That gives her plenty of gripping surface and plenty of leverage.

When I just cannot take any more taunting, she has me lie along the edge of the bed with a very large pillow under my pelvis so that my hiney is way up in the air and she paddles me sooo skillfully producing deep penetrating sensations and a deep red glow (actually, I have
calluses on the cheeks.) When I complain about the treatment (which I always do), she just gives me more and harder while telling that it is an absolute necessity to keep “that naughty little boy” straight.

We have a round Japanese style tub with high walls and a seat. Occasionally when I am bathing, she comes to the bathroom with her paddle, makes me bend over the side of the tub and fries my wet hiney. That is just wickedly delicious. Sometimes I am at the kitchen
counter fixing my lunch and she will take a standard issue cooking spoon from the drawer and fry me where I stand.

My mother and her sisters came from the southeast. They were very dominant women and blistered me frequently with wooden spoons and switches. I hated to hear, “Ya know, you haven’t had a whippin’ lately” because I knew one was coming whether I had done anything
bad or not. Their philosophy was the little boys needed to whipped just because they were little boys. I doubt they had any idea they were giving me something that would be so totally enjoyable later in life. I say Phhhht!!! to them and oddly remember some of those whippings with intense feelings of erotic joy.

Your web site makes me feel very comfortable that I am not alone in harboring a little boy
inside me needing special forms of love and affection.
Thank you very much,



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Dear Aunt Kay,

About a month back I e-mailed you on behalf of my girlfriend stating that she felt spankings were not having the desired effect. You suggested she apply more. I can report she most definitely took your advice!

Probably within 10 minutes of her viewing your reply I was across her lap.

In the past this had meant a somewhat red bottom, and a lecture on my behavior. This time was completely different. The spanking was by far the hardest she had ever administered, leaving my bottom not just red, but very sore. And I mean SORE! Since then she is much more demanding, and much quicker to put me across her lap. She says the results have been wonderful! Indeed they have as I now try my best to avoid her even thinking of putting me over her knee. However, I am not always successful, and she is quick to correct, even the most trivial of errors.
Just wanted to update you.

Signed, A very well DISCIPLINED boyfriend


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Hi Aunt Kay!  

I just discovered your website, and am really fascinated by it.  My wife and I have dabbled in spanking, and things that are a bit kinkier, but have only just begun to use it seriously.  I am a mostly submissive switch.  I do enjoy giving my wife light, fun spankings as foreplay. She, on the other hand, is basically dominant, and really spanks hard, often with a wooden hairbrush that really hurts.  Since she has been seriously disciplining me on a daily basis our relationship has improved tremendously.  My daily spankings seem to give her a real boost, and they provide me with great stress relief, and (strangely enough) they are something they I look forward too.  Last night was the longest, and hardest yet (she seems to really be settling into her role as disciplinarian), and was (for me) both the most unpleasant and simultaneously enjoyable such encounter that we've had.

Thanks so much for your website.

Best regards,


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Dear Aunt Kay,

My name is Robert. Nancy and I have been married for almost 26 years. While we have had our ups and downs (mainly due to my emotional immaturity), we love each other more than ever. 

Over the last several years, I have brought up the subject of spanking as an attitude adjustment for me when I get all sulky and angry as well as neglectful of my chores. We have on several occasions made lists with duties and consequences. I have always been the one to enforce these rules by requesting a spanking. Sometimes, though, I would get stubborn and refuse to ask. I would get frustrated and ruin many a perfectly good evening. Days and sometimes weeks would pass before she would ask me if I needed a spanking. Often I would lie and say no.

This cycle continued until I came across your site and read the statement of purpose, the tips and methods, and the real people section. I read the first two to her the other day and asked if she would be willing to try this lifestyle for a month like a test drive. She agreed. So far so good. We have a couple of things, including my attitude, for which I am immediately disciplined. My attitude, however, has been much improved since we made this arrangement because I am happy. I have done a few things to earn a spanking on purpose just to test her and she has met the challenge. Corner time, which I hate, has also been incorporated into my punishment. I hope she sees the benefits to herself and becomes more assertive in her role. She is reluctant to give me the harsh punishment I really need and crave. Maybe as she gets more comfortable in her new position. I did request a long, hard spanking yesterday and she did her best but still held back for fear of hurting me. I have read supposedly true accounts of men spanked to tears. I would love to experience this catharsis.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this letter, I am emotionally immature. I lack the ability to cry easily at real life situations and am brought easily to tears by a sad movie. I would die to be able to weep at my shortcomings and my wife's disappointment and disapproval. I have a feeling, though, that I am more disappointed in myself than she is. Anyway, sorry about the rambling. I really wanted to thank you for your website and hope the information will be productive for my wife and I.




Dear Aunt Kay,

Shortly after Irene and I were married we were going somewhere in the car and I was tired and aggravated at the time by the slow driver in front of me and I cussed at him 3 or 4 different times. Finally Irene said "stop that. I really ought to spank you for speaking like that". Well, I stopped cussing and nothing more was said on the subject the rest of the day but later on that evening I began to think about what she had said and I could not get it out of my mind. The whole concept of being spanked by my wife was very intriguing to me and I thought about it constantly, day and night, eventually coming to the conclusion that I knew I wanted her to be the disciplinarian in our household. But, by the same token I was afraid to ask her because I was afraid of what she might think of me, so I stayed quiet on the subject, that is until a few days later when I got up my courage and blurted out to Irene "yes, you were right the other day. You should have spanked me. Maybe if you did I would learn to watch my language". Irene just smiled and listened and didn't say anything at that time. I figured that now it was up to her to think about what I had said. Well she didn't think about it too long, because the very next day she sat me down, looked me in the eye, and told me that she had thought about it and had decided that from that point on she was going to spank me whenever I committed any one of 4 different offenses - disobedience to her, disrespect to her or anyone else, cussing or excessive drinking. During my first two spankings Irene was very tentative. She didn't spank very hard and did not make me pull down my underwear, so I also had a little extra padding to protect my rear end. But that all changed before my third spanking - my first "real" spanking, and has remained the same ever since. My wrongdoing in that case was that I had not finished cleaning the basement in a timely manner and Irene considers that to be disobedience. I had started to clean it on Saturday morning and had gotten a large portion of it done but had not finished. The following Monday morning Irene went shopping and ordered me to have it finished by the time she got back or there would be consequences to pay - and I knew full well what that meant. She said that as far as she was concerned she should have already spanked me for not finishing on Saturday. Well, after Irene left a friend stopped by and I ended up talking to him for a good while and so I was late getting started cleaning. At the time I really didn't think too much about Irene's warning because my previous spankings had all been bearable and I figured that even if I did end up over her knee I could handle it - WRONG! When Irene got home and saw that I wasn't done she was livid. She immediately marched me to the bedroom and summarily announced that I would be getting the spanking of my life, and that this spanking and all future spankings would be administered thusly: 1) I would be required to remove all my clothes. This would enhance my humiliation and feeling of helplessness, 2) I would be placed over Irene's knees to emphasize the fact that I was under the total control of and being spanked by a woman (thus multiplying the humiliation effect), 3) all spankings would be administered with the back side of a wooden hairbrush, and 4) I would be required to confess my wrongdoing, ask for the spanking, and thank her afterwards. I can vividly remember that I was very, very afraid at that time and my voice quivered as I confessed my wrongdoing and meekly requested that I be spanked for it. Irene then motioned for me to lie across her knees and shortly thereafter my life changed forever. I can't remember the exact number of times I was hit that day (surely over 100 times), but by 20 spanks I was in excruciating pain and by 50 spanks I was crying. That was the first time (though definitely not the last) that I cried during a spanking. Afterwards I sobbed uncontrollably for at least an hour and was sore for a week. My life changed that day and my Irene told me how intoxicating her power was and that we were never going back, so I'd better get used to it. Well now I know that I would never want to go back. I am absolutely sure that Irene's discipline sessions have made me a better person and I love her dearly for it



Dear Aunt Kay,

The DWC Booklet “Please Discipline Me” has been a great help to me especially parts one and two. Let me explain, visiting your Web site 6 months ago was a revelation to me. You certainly have a great depth of knowledge regarding discipline, after reading the real people section as well as your tips and techniques I summed up  the courage to talk to my wife about spanking me. She said at that time that she did not like the idea of spanking and did not want to talk any further about it. My approach was exactly the opposite of what it should have been. I tried further discussion several times but it was apparent that she was turned off. Finally sending for the Booklet and after reading Parts One it was quite apparent that, “it’s not about me it’s all about her”.

Taking a new approach the advice that you give is just extraordinary, now I listen carefully to what my wife says and wants., adding more around the house chores, and giving as much attention and positive support as I can.  She seems to be very pleased with me at this point. So after a fashion I raised the spanking subject again only this time, there was print out of several letters from the real people section and the common questions list also an invitation to a guided tour of the DWC web site.
Her response was, “What is going on here you have already talked about this subject”.  “We have been married 34 years and this has never come up”.  “I want to simplify my life - not complicate it”. So then I presented my core argument. 

You are very good at confronting and scolding me when you are angry with me. You get the matter off your chest and clear the air however this leaves me feeling anguished and very guilt ridden, there is no closure for me no emotional relief. If you were to spank me this would provide a mechanism whereby I could also find closure psychological relief and clear the air. The slate will then be clean for both of us with a fresh start.
My wife replied, “I will spank you if I get angry enough”. She said this with a kind shy smile. I am not sure what to make of it other than to keep my mouth shut and be very patient as my wife seldom gets really angry at me.



How I am spanked

I showed your site to my wife and she has certainly learned to spank.  Please post this in the Real People section.  I can't vouch for other such stories I read on the web, but I promise you this is what we live.

I have been tasked with describing in detail how I am spanked.  My wife has been spanking me, at my request, for the last 5 years or so.  I am spanked, primarily, for not completing agreed to tasks, pulling my weight by at least not creating more work for her.  Although she occasionally asks if I have completed them, more often I have to self-report.  Then we must wait until we have the house to ourselves.  I often know that when we get home from work I will get spanked.

When we arrive at home I am sent to prepare the room.  I get out the implements and put pillows on the corner of the bed.  Sometimes I get a deck of cards.  When we use the cards we follow the game found in the fiction story, A Learning Experience.  In our version, I get the face value of each card that doesn’t match the target and 20 for each joker.  In addition, if I match before drawing two jokers we place the matched card back in the deck.  Also, our deck has four jokers.

My spankings are always on the bare bottom.  Depending on how Joy feels she may choose to bare me herself.  If this is the case she undoes my pants and pulls them to my ankles.  Then she grabs the leg openings of my briefs and yanks them down.  I feel at that time like when I was a little boy, having my bottom bared forcibly in a quick, on-the-spot spanking.

Other times she tells me to pull down my pants.  With trembling hands I undo my pants and push them down to my knees.  As slowly as I dare I push my briefs down. 

My wife and I have been married for 27 years.  When I’m pulling down my underwear to prepare for a shower I don’t feel anything.  When we’re being amorous, I’m aroused.  When I’m pushing down those briefs before a spanking I am again 10 years old, know that as soon as they are down and my bottom is bare that I am seconds from my bottom being on fire.   Then I bend over.

Part of the spanking is yielding control.  When I bend over, with my legs spread over the corner of our bed, with pillows under my middle, my bottom crack opens up and the most intimate places on my body are on display.  I am beginning to be humbled.

When the spanking starts there is no warm up.  There is no attempt to get me used to it or make it easier to give a longer spanking.  This is punishment, meant to hurt, meant to leave marks, and meant to leave me crying and sobbing. 

My last spanking, on Wednesday, was intended to be very severe, because it was something for which I have been badly spanked several times.  She decided that I would get 100 with our frat paddle, 200 with our wooden spoon, 300 with our small paddle with holes, and 400 with our bath brush.  These were not done all together.

At six thirty I woke her up and she gave me 100 with the frat paddle.  She moved them around, spanked slowly and very hard, and avoided much of the numbing effect.  We went to work.  I knew there was more to come and had to anticipate it for the four hours I was at work.

At noon I was to meet her.  We went to a friend’s house for which we are house-sitting.  My pants and shorts came down, I bent over, and got 200 with the wooden spoon.  It is an OXO spoon, with a thick handle and good rounded spoon.  I had tears in my eyes when it was over.  When she was done I had deepening bruising all over my bottom, with several prominent bruises at the top of my bottom, where she had concentrated several of the whacks.  You could almost see the shape of the spoon in those bruises.  I went back to work with more pain in my bottom, knowing there was more to come.

When we arrived home after work, she took a nap and I made supper.  We drive in separate cars so I arrived before her and got the implements out and the pillows set on the bed.  After supper she told me to get upstairs.  She decided to give me the 400 with the bath brush. 

I pulled down my pants and jockeys again and bent over.  This time she seemed to concentrate on the crease of both cheeks, where she had concentrated with the frat paddle.  By the time she finished the first 100 I was crying hard.   She leaned over and said, “That’s just the first 100.  Just think, 300 to go.”   She took a break and I caught my breath.  She finished the last 300 and I cried hard the whole time, even after she stopped.  She tenderly stroked my head as I lay there and gave me a warm, secure, comforting hug while I thanked her.  I want to be a less selfish husband and I always thank her for working to help me improve in that.

We had several more hours at home alone and I had cooking to do.  She told me to come tell her when I was at a point with time.  So a couple hours later I did.

Down came my pants and jockeys and I bent over.  By the time she was at 50 I was crying again.  There is no numbing from the bath brush or the little paddle she was using now.  I made it for her.  It is about the size of a hairbrush, but a little thicker, with holes drilled in it.

She finished the spanking and softly stroked my head and told me how much she loves me as I cried it out.  Then true to our form, I stood up and fell into her arms with my bottom still bare.  I cried a bit more in her arms, thanked her and apologized again.

It is Friday.  When I woke up on my back this morning I was immediately aware of how much my bottom still hurts.  There are bad bruises, particularly at the creases of both cheeks.  There were little blisters where the holes of the paddle impacted.  It will hurt to pull up my underwear for several days, as will sitting.

Aunt Kay, your advice about how hard wives should spank is right on.  If I wanted some little play spanking I wouldn’t be bending over like I do.  My wife has learned how to spank very hard, with little regard to either my crying or the appearance of my bottom.  As she’s arrived at this point we are closer than ever.  She doesn’t order me around, but is committed to our marriage.  I do want to be less selfish.  It is worth feeling like a 10 year old, worth humbling myself by baring my bottom in a non-sexual way, bending over and exposing my most private parts, and being spanked until I am crying, sobbing, with snot running down my nose.  And it was worth feeling the pain for the next week and seeing the bruises.  She says it is worth it, for all her effort.  She is more empowered and we are more deeply in love than ever.