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This section is composed entirely of contributions from real people who enjoy the DWC lifstyle. There is absolutely no fiction of any kind in here and all entries are included with the permission of the writers. Names and locations are changed for privacy.

Copyright 2003 The Disciplinary Wives Club, All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.


Hear what these real people have to say.
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Thank You Aunt Kay
Bringing Out The Little Boy
Dear Aunt Kay
My History
Company Stirrer

Carly Simon
Perfect Disciplinary Wife


Hi Aunt Kay:

Just a short note to say thank you for being such a wonderful person, and for sharing the DWC lifestyle with the world.

My wife and I are still learning and evolving in the spanking lifestyle, but it has made us closer, and more in love, than we have could ever have imagined. We have been married for 41 years, and are counting upon many many more.

Without your sharing the philosophy with the website, and your manuals, we never would have evolved into using spankings when needed. It has helped my wife believe that we are not completely abnormal, and we both wholeheartedly agree that it has solved problems that have occurred, but even more importantly, prevented problems from occurring due to the consequences that would undoubtedly follow.  Now I think before I leap.



Bringing Out the Little Boy

Dear Aunt Kay:
I thought I had been a good boy this month but my wife informed me last Wednesday that she had some issues that we needed to talk about. Every time she says the word issues I get apprehensive because I know I'm in trouble and may wind up over her knees. I asked her what, if anything, I had done wrong and she just said that we would talk about it Friday evening. It always makes me nervous when she does that and she knows it. I'm sure she does it on purpose. I should have learned after all these years not to ask but I haven't and I guess I never will.
When I got home she had prepared a nice meal and made arrangements for us to be alone that evening. Two of our children still are at home and going to school so we're not often alone. But  Charlotte had made sure that we would be that night and told me so.
She knows better than me what I need and she always has. And this time was no exception. I had been under a lot of stress at work and she pointed out to me where I had snapped and growled and griped and fussed. We ate and after the meal was over I started to help her put the dishes in the dishwasher. That's when she turned to me and told me to go and get a hot bath and wait for her in the bedroom. I knew what this meant and my heart jumped up into my throat. I guess I kinda threw a lil temper tantrum because  Charlotte raised her voice to me and told me to go right then and no arguing. She doesn't often raise her voice unless she's fed up with me.
What choice did I have but to go and do as I was told. I'm feeling like a 6-yr. old kid now being sent to his room for being naughty and talking back. Anyway, I went to the bedroom and removed my clothes and put them on the cedar chest at the foot of the bed, then I went into the bathroom and started a bath running in the tub. I sat down on the side of the tub and just thought for a few minutes about how all this had come about and what led up to it. I knew I was wrong but I didn't want to admit it. After I had gotten my bath and brushed my teeth and shaved I went back into our bedroom and sat on the bed to wait for her. It seemed like ages until I heard her coming down the hall and when she came in she found me sitting there with my hands in my lap, covering myself. This is when she did something that she's never done before. She walked over to me.  I was so embarrassed that I wanted to crawl under the bed.  Aunt Kay, sometimes  Charlotte makes me feel like a little kid who's been caught stealing a cookie and hiding it under the covers.

Anyway she didn't tell me to get over her knees and that surprised me. She just put her arms around me and held me for a while. I melted into her embrace and thought that maybe I wouldn't get punished but something deep inside me hoped that I would. Then she looked at me and started to tell me again how I'd been acting and what she thought should be done about it. I just sat three looking down at my feet and hoping she would do something other than lecture me. Well, after she finished talking to me she patted her knees. I knew what that meant and reluctantly I slid over and lay across them. I don't normally beg but this time I did. I told her that I was sorry that I had upset her and asked her please not to spank me too hard.  Strange but she didn't start to spank me. She put her hand on my behind and began to caress me in a very tender and loving way. She told me that she knew I had been under a lot of stress and has been working hard, then she said she loved me very much but that she would not put up with the way I had been acting. Then she picked up the paddle that I had laid on the bed earlier and just started patting my bottom with it. She didn't hit me hard though, just patted me a few times. Then she asked me how I felt and I told her that I felt miserable because I thought that she was disappointed in me. That's when she dropped the bomb.

Charlotte  told me that she loved me for the man I was and for the little boy in me too. She said she intended to bring out the little boy in me and teach him how to act properly. I felt kinda funny when she said that to me but I didn't have a chance to ask exactly when she meant because she started to spank me. She takes her time when she disciplines me and it seemed that the spankings lasted forever. After about fifteen hard swats I couldn't hold back and the tears started. She told me later that she had given me thirty-five swats in all and I took them just like she knew I would. I was limp and sobbing over her knees as she gave me the last five. She held me on her lap for a while and told me to cry it out then helped me onto the bed and lay down beside me.
Aunt Kay at this point I felt like the little boy she wanted me to be and I was grateful when she held me in her arms. We talked for a long time that night and I finally drifted off to sleep curled up next to her. I don't know what time Nan went to sleep but I went fairly fast after we finished our talk because I was mentally exhausted and my bottom was very sore. One thing she said that made me smile inside though. I told her as I usually do that I would behave myself and she said, "no, honey, you won't, but I'll always be here to correct you when I think you need it."

Your friend,  Ted


Dear Aunt Kay:
Tara  always, without fail, makes me feel like I'm a little boy again. A little boy that's done something naughty and needs to be put over his mommy's knee and punished for his actions. I hate it when she makes me feel that way but inside I crave it too. Part of the punishment for disobeying her is the humiliation of her making me admit to her and myself that I need to be put over her knee, have my bottom bared and the paddle used on me until I'm defeated and sobbing. Part of me is her husband but part of me is her little boy and I guess that will always be so. I hated to admit that but it's true.

Yesterday  Tara told me I needed a spanking and gave me a choice. She said she wouldn't spank me if I didn't want it but then she took my face in her hands and looked into my eyes and I couldn't say no. So, I said the words she knew I would say. "Please Tara , I need you to spank me." My eyes got moist when she made me admit that to her and ask to be punished. I was ashamed to admit that I'd been bad and needed to be punished by my wife.

"Go on now," she says. "I want you to take a nice hot bath, then get the paddle out of the closet and wait for me on the bed." Always, I have to take a hot bath before a spanking.

I know what's going to happen now. She breaks me down and spanks my bottom until I give up and all I can do is lay sobbing over her knees. I often don't even realize that she's stopped spanking me but it's usually over when she knows I've given up.

I'm broken now and sobbing pitifully into the pillow. The little boy in me has come out just like she planned. I'm not her husband now, I'm her little boy. She tells me, "go stand in the corner now and think about why you were spanked tonight." My bottom is on fire and I'm so embarrassed. A grown man spanked and standing in the corner.

But I'm not grown now Aunt Kay. I'm just her little boy who did something naughty and I've been punished for it. After my corner time is over she puts me to bed and usually joins me. Then she pulls me to her and holds me. Sometimes I start to cry again when she does this. I'm so ashamed of myself for having disappointed her that all I can do is cry. I keep telling myself that I'll never do anything to disappoint her again but I always wind up doing something. I didn't mean to be bad Aunt Kay and I'm so sorry.

Dear Aunt Kay:

This is my history:

Some years ago, I got a new girlfriend. It seemed like a normal situation, but ever since our beginning, I felt something special in her attitude. Later...I learned what was so special! I recognized that as a man with a childish side

In some "minor" aspects my childish side emerged. After observing me carefully, my girlfriend, quietly told me one day, “I will give you the discipline you deserve, to improve your behavior, and make of you the best of boyfriends, and, probably, future husband.”

I was amazed by her words, and amazed about all I was feeling. She was in charge and had authority over me. I just wasn't able do feel that correctly. But my astonishment was far from being finished. She told me in an imperative way, "Now you must acquire the implement with which I will discipline you - a good slipper. I will use the slipper to give you some discipline". I found myself looking for a pair of slippers; and I did a very nice package trying to impress her and avoid the promised discipline.

And I was confident, because for a week, or something like that, nothing happened. One evening I was at home, waiting her arrival, and preparing a good dinner, when the phone rang and it was her. She announced to me that the slipper was finally getting put to work. The reason was that on that day I simply forgot to phone her! I tried all excuses...but in vain. And finally I got my first session - a long and hard slippering that warmed my cheeks for hours. After the punishment, she told me, “Let's go talk about your behavior. It isn't good for me and it isn't good for you and for us. You know that I want you to phone me at my work because I care about you and I like hear your voice. I will punish you when I feel you deserve it. And for your own benefit, I will write you a paper with the offenses. I will consider the punishments for each.” She did the paper, and it was very clear. I must tell you that I haven't had much punishments, because I studied hard her. However I got some...always long, hard and very painful. I can tell you that she had a very heavy hand.

I concluded the following:

1- All the punishments I received were effective and very painful.
2 - She was very fair and acted strictly according to the written rules upon which she and I agreed.
3 - The punishments were real punishments - without other motivations, as sexual, or sado/maso and similar. After a hard spanking all I wanted was to cool off my sore bottom.
4 - Punishments were administrated as quickly as possible and without fantasies. Of course she wanted me to assume a pre-determined position.
5 - The objective was to punish a bad behavior, and was never humiliating.
6 - Although the punishments were always very painful, I felt she was always sweet and concerned. She knew that the punishment would hurt. After the punishment we had what she called "time in her arms". When I was in her arms, she tried to make me see my offenses and what the consequences would be.
7 - After that, all was forgiven.

Well, these are some aspects of my life as a DWC man. After some time we separated; mainly because I went to Brazil to work for a long time But while together, we were a very happy couple, and our love was very nice indeed. Now I am very lonely. All I want, and need, is to find a woman who knows how to make me a real DWC husband. 

Dear Aunt Kay,

You and your site have been so important in constructing our happiness that
Katherine told me to send this report of our relationship.

I was representing an auditing company and, in this capacity, I am the kind of guy
managers of client companies will fear. But I found a different situation when hired to review the accounting of a diagnostic clinic that belonged to the most important hospital in my area. There was a medical body, a technical staff, and a management team, lead by the `Administrative Officer`, Katherine.

She was in her thirties, was tall, slender and very, very assertive. She would have problems with the doctors, because she made a point in making clear that she was the biggest authority when it came to any administrative issue. She was very though with her own staff, but she would tolerate no criticism to anyone working for her.

By that time I was coming from a divorce and I had decided that if I had to start a new relationship it must be in the DWC style, which I had never tried, but I was convinced of that by my readings, particularly from this site.

Katherine’s assertiveness was exciting from the beginning, and I quickly got involved. We dated lovely and soon had excellent sex. But when I introduced the subject, it was a tragedy, I almost lost her.

Katherine said that being bossy was the worst part of her job, something she did just because she needed to, but hated, and that she was looking for a man who could take care of her. I didn’t give up so easily and said:

“Look, Katherine, don’t try to deny what is obvious: You love to be the boss, to say the last word, to be in command, that is very clear for anyone observing you. The problem is that you, like me, come from the type of culture where women are created to be the man’s servants, even if it is not their nature. But you live in a country of equal rights and opportunities, where women are given the responsibility of commanding jobs, and then your true nature comes up. But you think you have do hide it, at least in your private life, because you and your relatives will be ashamed of your easiness to command. Okay, I can understand, but you don’t need to reveal our little secret to the world, let’s do it in private.”

She said that she was very confused, but my final victory this day was that she conceded allowing herself a time to think about. I recommended the DWC site, saying that she would be in touch with very different relationships and that I didn’t necessarily like all of them. Time went by until she abruptly introduced the subject:

“Do you like pain?” she asked.

I answered, “Probably not.” The idea of pain is obviously exciting, so is the beginning of it. I have visited some professionals, and they go up to the point when pain is pleasurable. According to everything I have read about, the pleasure disappears after the first spanks, the comes the real pain. But the recipients quickly replace the pleasure of pain for the pleasure of obedience. Then they will assume a lifestyle of pleasurable obedience, or else... That conversation didn’t go further.

Our relationship continued very well (I even received the key of her apartment!), but vanilla. On a unexpected day, after almost a week when we couldn’t manage to meet, she called me in the afternoon and said, “You’re a lucky guy. Your day has arrived!”

Astonished, all I could say was `Yes ma’am`. She continued: “So you better pay good attention, because I won’t repeat, nor tolerate any disobedience to my orders, OK? We’ll have our basic rules, and I will issue many others as we go. Whenever I say `punishment`, you know that you are in for a sound spanking. You have to acknowledge immediately by replying `Yes ma`am` and, from then on, don’t allow your mouth to say a word, unless on my command.  At home, if the order was given, you will receive the command `attention`. This means you have to strip naked and position yourself behind the chair in the middle of the living room, still, arms to your sides, ready to listen and profit by a good lecture. The next order will be `position`. When you receive it, bend over the chair’s backrest and grab the front part of its seat. This is the position in which you will be punished; don’t leave it until I command you. When I am done, I will tell you to leave position. You are to immediately report to me, kneeling and displaying your appreciation by kissing the back of my hand, still holding the implement. Then follow my orders, which will probably include some corner time. When I decide it is enough I will say `over`, and then normal life will be back. Is it clear?”

I said, “Yes ma`am.”

She continued, “So I want to have you at my house at 7:30, at attention.”

I was absolutely dizzy, but I managed to be there at 7 pm. There was a new chair in the middle of the living room, with a thick belt coiled over the seat. I took off my clothes and at 7:25 positioned myself behind the chair, as I had been instructed.

She entered 10 minutes later. I heard her steps in the house, but she didn’t address me. After going here and there, she appeared in front of the chair to say: “Good. Good to see that you understood. I am assuming direction of your life from now on and I want you to know that it may be hard to, but to disobey is much worse, understand?”

I said, “Yes ma`am.”

She continued, “Position!”

I did as instructed and saw her hand getting the belt. She worked like someone of great experience. After a dozen swats I couldn’t resist, but she couldn’t care less. I started to plead, to beg, to cry, to no avail. When she stopped I was a mess... I knelt in front of her, with both tips of the belt grabbed in her right hand, bent over it and started to say `thank you, thank you`, because I was actually grateful for the fact that she had stopped! Then she told me to go to the corner, where I stayed for more than half hour.

We had agreed that we couldn’t discuss a spanking in the same day, but from next day on we should be free to share our feelings. The next day during dinner she took the initiative: “Was that what you were expecting?”

I answered, “Yes and no. In more than one aspect it was way beyond my expectations. For
instance: The spanking was much harder and much longer than I supposed; and after it was more humiliating and, believe me, you now have a very obedient husband.”

She replied, “It’s okay, because you don’t have to like it.”

I said, “Darling, it is not that! I hated being spanked so hard, that’s why I will enjoy so much obeying you, specially because I know that if I don’t I will get another, you see.”

She said, “I won’t even try to understand. I liked it a lot and I will keep with it, until you say very clearly that you don’t want it any longer. What did you like most?”

I replied, “I can’t deny I liked giving the spanking itself. Your attitude, obedience, submissiveness, keeping voluntarily in a position of suffering, was a must!  And after, having you kneeling in front of me, thanking for the spanking and standing in the corner was superb!!”

I said, “So I have an idea that can give you pleasure and `spare the rod` on me. At a snap of your fingers and `that` look, I will acknowledge by saying `yes ma`am’ and I know that failure to do so will mean spanking.”

She then asked, “Why should I be happy humiliating my man?”

I answered, “No, you are not humiliating me, although I will feel humiliated. You are training me in obedience, and you know, the more you train, the better I will perform. I will be much more
obedient. So you will only be helping me to be more obedient.”

She had been easy to convince. From then on she demonstrated her creativity. `Small punishments`, non corporal, include:

* In the middle of an argument she snaps the fingers, tells me to undress and present to her. When I do so, she keeps me for some seconds in that ridiculous position, naked, hands to my sides, and says: `This discussion is over. I don’t want to hear a word about`. My only answer is `Yes, ma`am`, and than she says `Over`, and I can dress and come back to where I was.

* Sometimes she sentences me to wall time, dressed or naked.

* Other times I have to kneel in the middle of the living room, and stay in this position for one hour.

* She made me have a `punishment notebook`, where she would tell me to write 200 times sentences like `to obey is not good, to disobey is much worse`.

I receive one of these `little tasks` at least every two or three days. I am spanked hard at least every two months.

Our life has been of perfect happiness, and we owe a lot to the DWC site. Thank you, Aunt Kay


Aunt Kay,

 I don't really know whether I should love you, hate you, or thank you but my wife has come into possession of a book of yours called How to Scold During Discipline.  Ever since that day my life has changed.

I'm nearly 50 years old been married for over 20 years to Dorothy, we were never blessed with children but I always assumed the lead role, the original "Male Chauvinist".

Suddenly, a few months ago, my wife was standing up for herself, not only that but answering back. Then she was making decisions, then making all the decisions Then she started sitting me down and lecturing to me.  Next she was scolding me, even in front of friends  It came to head one night when I was to go out (no big deal but had never told her ahead of time), Well, she was giving me a real lecture. I said "Dorothy, you're not my mother! Now .... Back off!" and turned to leave.  Well suddenly she was using words that were stopping me in my tracks.  Well to finish off she warned me, "Once more and I'll tan your hide and there will be no more golf for a month".  Of course I took it like a pinch of salt, telling her she couldn't. "Try me," was all I got.

A week or so later I had a few drinks after work.  One of my coworkers was leaving and I arrived home late and not only looking for food but sex as well. [Don't get it wrong - I wasn't mad drunk - just merry]. Before I knew what was going on, she sat me down reminding me of our discussion and then said, "Well your mother obviously didn't do a good enough job but I will!  Come here and bend over," she said.

I said, "Dorothy, what the .... are you talking about? What are you going to do ....... spank me?  I've never been spanked in my life."  
"Obviously!” she said. Then she started a lecture like a discussion that had me agreeing with her and after a few minutes, as if I was in a trance, I lowered my trousers and accepted a sound spanking on my underpants over her knees.

That was about 7- 8 months ago and I have had a few hard spankings since but it was only last week that her sister let slip about your book that Dorothy has been reading.

So if anyone had told me a year ago that my quiet little wife spank me, lecture me and send me into the corner for 10 minutes, I wouldn't have believed them.

PS  Still love to know what you actually say in this book because it sure works

The Company Stirrer

It was my last day at the old company and my fellow employees wanted to have a good bye lunch launch.

I had always got on well with everyone, but especially with one lady who had the next office to mine. At the end of the day I went to say goodbye to her.  She gave me a big hug and then said she had a present for me!  She reached into her desk and out came a big wooden spoon.  She reflected that I had been a stirrer at times (always in fun) so she thought I should have a wooden spoon.  I thanked her for it and then wondered if I should bring it home. 

Somehow my little inner voice got the better of me and I duly brought it home and told my wife the story.  She was most interested and when I suggested it would be useful in the kitchen she said NO she had other ideas. 

Sure enough last Friday, when she determined that there were issues to be dealt with and I was stretched over the back of the sofa, she decided to bring out the wooden spoon.  Although it is not as heavy, she made very effective use of it before she moved on to other implements. 

As I sit here writing this, I am still aware of the total effect of the session and this helps remind me of the need to try and improve my ways.  I suppose this is a familiar story but certainly a good session really seems to leave me in a much better state of mind and attitude.  My wife is much happier also because she has the 'me' she wants to be with.  It also helps me realize the way I should treat her all the time.


Dear Aunt Kay,

I have visited your excellent web site many times over the last couple of
years, and have often considered ordering some of your materials in the hope
that I might find a way to express my interest to my wife.  However, my
absolute need for anonymity and privacy in regard to this subject would
dictate that I send a cash payment. But I have hesitated because, as I'm
sure you will understand, one should always be cautious of such transactions
under circumstances such as these, as well my concern about privacy.

Fortunately though, by a rather odd circumstance, I happened to come in
contact with a man here in my own town who had been previously involved with
your group.  He was kind enough to inform me that you were a person of
impeccable integrity and that I need not be concerned with placing a cash
order, or have any concern for your respecting my privacy.  He also assured
me that your materials were definitely reality based and that I would find
good advice there.

So, I have taken the plunge and mailed in an order with a cash payment to
the address on your web site. 

Thank you for your web site and all the great information that it contains;
although the "Tips" section does give me pause in spite of my long
fascination with being soundly spanked!  My acquaintance, while
very encouraging, has also warned me that I might very well find reality
quite different from fantasy.  Nevertheless, it is my hope to at least
experience this reality.


Hi All, 
I thought you may enjoy this news article someone sent to me. Aunt Kay



Aug 29 2006

Singer beats stage fright with a spanking

By Mark Mcgivern

SULTRY singer Carly Simon gets her band to spank her before concerts because pain cures her crippling stage fright. The You're So Vain star suffers so badly from nerves that she stopped playing live for years. When she does agree to a gig, she needs a well slapped backside to help her conquer her fear. And at one show, a celebration of president Bill Clinton's 50th birthday, she was so terrified that she asked her entire horn section to do the honours.

Carly, 61, was overcome with nerves at the thought of following soul legend Smokey Robinson on to the stage at the 1996 event in New York. She recalled: "The horn section all took turns spanking me, but during the last spank, the curtain went up. "The audience saw the aftermath - the sting on my face.

"I bet Laurence Olivier never did that.

"If you have something that is hurting you physically, the pain is the hierarchy."
As well as asking for spankings, Carly has worn tight boots and jabbed her hand with pins to keep calm. And she keeps a hairbrush backstage because brushing her locks helps to soothe her.

Grammy and Oscar winner Carly has battled her stage fright since collapsing during a show in the 1980s. She still struggles with the problem but is now able to do some concerts.
She told the New Yorker magazine: "I was always looking for exits, literally looking for ways to escape. "It felt claustrophobic being in the spotlight and being expected to finish a song. "What I tell myself now is, 'If I just get through the song, I'll be able to leave'."

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A Perfedect Disciplinary Wife

Dear Aunt Kay, 

My wife, Connie, has been spanking me for 13 years, but we only recently discovered your website.  I can't say that my wife needs any instruction at this time - she has given many sound spankings - but much of what you advise she had to learn on her own, or with the help of a friend.

Unlike some of the men who post, I did not seek wifely discipline.  My wife decided that she was going to spank me after getting frustrated and annoyed by some of the things I was doing or failing to do.  I didn't know it at the time, but she had been complaining to her girlfriends about my behavior, and finally one of them, Irene,  took her aside and confided in her that she had spanked her husband often, and that it seemed that my wife should do likewise.  Connie thought it over and decided she'd do it.

One evening, after complaining and scolding about my behavior, Connie told me that she had decided I'd never reform unless she punished me, and that she was going to spank me, and told me to get ready.  I tried to laugh this off, but she was really angry, and I felt guilty, and finally gave in and got my first old-fashioned spanking as adult.  In fact, though it was embarrassing to have to take a spanking, and it did sting considerably, it was really not so terrible.  I promised to behave better, and that was that.

But I did not change, and more spankings followed.  The problem (for Connie) was that she was giving me the same stingy but not severe spankings that she had gotten from her father.   They were not a real deterrent to me.  I'd promise to improve, be allowed up, and then a week later do the same thing again.

Then one day everything changed.  She announced a spanking and told me to get ready and bring the hairbrush.  I did so and approached her with a slight smile on my face.  Next thing I knew I got several hard slaps to the face, and a stern order to get over her knee.  The spanking I got was not at all like the previous ones.  I must have had five minutes of the hairbrush and then a long hand spanking on my sore bottom.  My pleas and promises were ignored until she felt she had done a proper job, and I was allowed up, teary eyed and very sore. 

What had happened?  Again, it was much later that Connie told me, but her friend Irene knew something was wrong and invited Connie to watch the next time she spanked her husband.  The poor man protested but was told he had nothing to say about it, and Connie watched him get a blistering. She understood then that the spankings she'd been giving were appropriate for a high school girl, but not for a grown man.  From then on, I got real spankings, and when I get over her knee I'm in for it.

Reading your advice, I understand why it can be so helpful to a wife who is just beginning as a spanking wife.  This advice should be most helpful:

"A spanking should be an event to remember. Don't worry about how red his bottom gets. The more color you put into it, the better you are doing. Don't pay any attention to his cries and pleas and promises. He will tell you anything to get you to stop."

And this:

"Don't be afraid to degrade and humiliate, and above all, when that bare bottom is turned up side down across your knee waiting for the paddle or hairbrush, don't disappoint him. When you let him up, his eyes should be wet with tears, his knees should be quivering, and it should be obvious by looking at his bottom that he is displaying the marks left after a GOOD session." 

Thanks to her friend Irene, Connie learned this after some months of spanking without results.   Since then, her spankings are truly effective;  I wince when told to get ready, but I also know that they have improved our marriage enormously.
In my own marriage, my wife has the right to spank me, but for bad behavior, and we have a pretty clear understanding of  what that entails - various acts or omissions or patterns of behavior that we both understand are wrong, unfair to my wife, and harmful to our relationship.  There may be marginal cases, and in these she is the final arbiter; I may argue or protest, but will still defer to her judgment, take off my pants and accept the spanking.

However, this does not mean that she is the head of household, with me obliged to obey her in all matters.  Far from it.  In fact she tells me that she sees me as the head of the family, but that when I act in an immature manner that is inconsistent with that, it is her right to correct me.  In a number of matters I am the final arbiter, though she quite rightly expects to be consulted and listened to.

I do admit and fully accept the fact that most men have a side to them that is irresponsible, inconsiderate, immature, even destructive, and that women in most cases are a civilizing influence, and that a family is  much better off when the man accepts his wife's right to correct his behavior.  I would not have said this thirteen years ago when I first got a wifely spanking, but my experience and my reading of others' experience have now convinced me. Of course there are probably couples of whom this is not true, in which the husband is the more responsible one, but I think this is a small minority.

Having said all that, I will also admit that after years of going over my wife's knee, I find the subject of FM spanking extremely fascinating.  No other woman has spanked me in my adult years, and I have read with interest the accounts of get-togethers in which women spank one another's husbands. So, there is a mysterious element of attraction here, and perhaps some day
there will be an opportunity to pursue it.

Ordinarily, the offenses I get spanked for are pretty clear cut, and I really don't have an argument.  And I should point out that mostly it is an accumulation of offenses, not just the final one that makes her decide that "enough is enough".  Examples are: being grumpy or rude, being inconsiderate as in leaving a mess for her to straighten out, interrupting her in mid sentence, "forgetting" to do something I promised to do but never
got around to, etc.  The one that used to lead to a spanking, all by itself, was being much later in getting home than expected, without phoning her. This would lead to an immediate spanking, if feasible; otherwise, as soon as possible.  I talk of this in the past tense, since several episodes with her hairbrush and strap long ago made me give up this practice.

An example of a marginal offense is this:  at a social gathering, I got into a discussion with another man, and the discussion got a bit heated - not hostile or rude, but it was out of place at that event, and I got a couple of looks from Connie indicating I should cool it.  When we got home and were catching up on things and getting ready for bed, she waited a while and then told me to bring her the wooden ruler that she sometimes used.  She said my behavior recently had been problematic in several ways, and that the argument at the party had made her uncomfortable.  I protested that I had done nothing wrong, and that people often had such discussions.  She countered that this was true, but that she didn't like it, that it was not considerate of the hostess, and that I needed to learn not to repeat it in the future.  I kept protesting, but brought her the ruler, and she herself lowered my pajamas and led me over her lap.  It was not the worst spanking I'd ever gotten, but a ruler can be very sore, and she did succeed in teaching the lesson she intended.  I'm now more careful about what kind of discussions I pursue at social events.

While Connie is strict, she is not a nag.  She states the reasons for a spanking and makes sure I understand them, but does not repeat them over and over.  She will scold a bit during a spanking, but it's not a steady stream of scolding; she's made the reasons clear, and doesn't say too much until it's time, near the end, to ask for and listen to my apologies and promises of better behavior.  I learned early in the game of course that any defiance or reluctance to apologize is pure folly, and will just prolong the punishment.

She will raise her voice a little, but there's no yelling, and no abusive language.  I'm addressed as "dear" or "honey" even as she's blistering my bottom. (e.g. "Don't squirm so much dear, it's annoying.")
btw blisters, welts, bright redness are the usual results.  She tries to avoid bruises, though small ones sometimes happen, and for that reason she limits her use of the hairbrush and switches to a ruler or strap, and of course her hand.  btw I feel a strange but strong bond with her when her hand is spanking my bottom, which is usually the last and longest part of the spanking. 

A spanking is inevitably embarrassing and humiliating, but she doesn't try to aggravate that aspect of it.  She doesn't make me undress completely - I notice that in your pictures nudity is often required - just enough to bare the bottom - doesn't make me stand in the corner, and doesn't tease me about it afterwards.  (The woman who gave me the small number of spankings I got as a teen would tease me about it and once spanked me when her sister was in the next room and could hear everything - very embarrassing.) And when the spanking is over, whatever offenses brought it about are forgiven, and she is my loving wife again.  (Though if the offenses are repeated, so is the spanking of course.)     In other words, a perfect disciplinary wife.


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