DWC Project Opportunities- Volunteers Needed

The DWC has survived over all these years because it is a community first, and a small, “Mom and Pop business, second. We are here to spread the word about the miraculous benefits of maternal discipline and how it helps people build and strengthen their relationships. Keeping the DWC afloat and responsive to people can be overwhelming at times and there is so much more I want to do.

I think it is time to share a list of projects that I have wanted to pursue, but have simply not had the resources. Look through the listings and if something feels right for you (meaning it truly stirs the desire to do it in you), and you want to know more, write to me at shetops@aol.com.

Video Projects

1. Real People Video Series
I am currently shooting video interviews, including some live action spanking demonstrations, of real couples that are benefiting from the DWC Lifestyle. You may consider helping in this way if you are fortunate enough to have the freedom and are willing to appear in one of my videos.

2. Short Film Project
My husband and I have actually written an entire movie screenplay, advancing the DWC lifestyle of course. This story has 4 main characters, two other small roles, and a few incidental “extra” parts. This is a big project and will only come together if it turns out that we have enough creative and committed people who want to do this. Cast and crew would have to spend about a week together in the SF Bay Area. This has the potential to be an amazing experience for everyone involved. I am sure we would bond through working hard and having a lot of fun. Of course, the point is to create something we can all be very proud of and for aspiring talents; film experience for your resume.


1. Graphic Story
I would love to offer comic book style stories and have created some basic storylines. If you have cartooning talent and are interested in working with me on this project, please write.

2. Booklets
I have some new booklet topics started, but in need of a person willing to do some research and whatever is necessary to complete them. These are booklets similar to “Please Discipline Me” and “Scolding” that I currently offer on the site. This would be great for a skilled writer who would be comfortable taking direction from me and willing to make changes as the work progressed. I could also use an illustrator for these booklets.

The last Gathering was over 2 years ago and I miss working in-person with small groups of DWC couples. I would really love to offer another opportunity for couples to come together with me for a day or a day and a half workshop. But, this would require an resourceful organizer to work with me to plan, organize, advertise and manage the event. Maybe I am making this sound more complicated than it is, but I have not had the time to work on it.

Business Help
Last, but not least, I have had to admit to myself that I am simply not a business-oriented woman. My heart and love of people is what has lead me for years but it has been only a “mom and pop” operation. I am sure that, with the right person sincerely committed to the DWC’s growth, we could develop the resources to reach many more people and do many more things. So, if you have business savvy and a desire to work with me for the long haul, this could be your niche.