DWC Surveys

While I have a lot of experience, I have always wanted to better understand our community from a more scientific standpoint and I know most of my readers and friends feel the same way.  That is why I have asked a team of DWC volunteers to create and analyze surveys about elements of the DWC lifestyle and are publishing the results for everyone’s benefit. 

Survey One
The first survey, "A Survey of the Disciplinary Wives Club,", was conducted in May and June 2007, focused broadly on who we are, how we practice the DWC lifestyle, and how we find partners. The 1,000 participants to that survey generated over 15,000 responses which are presented here:

Summary  Full Report

Survey Two
The second survey, “DWC Demographic Survey” was conducted in December 2007 and January 2008. It focused more deeply on who we are.  The data collected from the over 1,250 participants generated over 20,000 responses which are presented here:

Full Report

Survey Three
The “Lifestyle” survey may be posted here in the future, and will be focused more deeply on how we practice the lifestyle.  For those who felt that the demographic survey was “a little dry,” the lifestyle survey promises to focus much more deeply on the “nitty-gritty” of the DWC lifestyle.

Future Surveys
Further surveys are expected to focus on particulars of starting the lifestyle, finding or developing partners, and hopes and expectations for the future of the DWC and lifestyle, in general.  Your suggestions are always welcome, and can be sent to Aunt Kay at shetops@gmail.com and Jerry at kaysjerry@gmail.com.  Additionally, we plan to reopen past surveys on a regular basis, to update results, and look for changes in the DWC.