Making of the Contracting Video

This past weekend we began work on my latest video which is about the Contracting piece of the DWC methodology. I want to share with you how much fun we had shooting the video and what kind of commitment people have to the DWC.

The plan we originally had in place, for months, was to work with an experienced lady from the East Coast. At the last minute an illness caused her to cancel travel plans and delay her production. So, there I was feeling disappointed when a good DWC friend of mine told me that she was ready to expand her disciplinary activities.

I have written about some of the spanking experiences we shared as couples before, most notably, our Christmas experience in 2003. So, I knew she was very able as both a spanker and as a serious-minded DWC woman. Still, I was pleasantly surprised when she told me she wanted to take the next step and offer disciplinary support to others. So, this video introduces Aunt Gretchen to the world. From what she tells me, she plans to only see a few seriously committed DWC men; after they pass her rigorous screening.

Casey, who stars in this production as the Bad Boy, is also very new to the DWC. I had only seen him for discipline once prior to filming the video, when I was interviewing for the original production. He is a delightful young man who has wanted maternal discipline in his life for a long time. We all met the week before the video shoot to get acquainted and after I gave him a short demo spanking I realized he was offering a lot to us because he knew his limits would be exceeded for the video.

Video shoot day was a joyous chaos. We shot several different scenes with different sets and a lot of equipment had to be moved and re-set up for each one. My husband Jerry was in 7 th heaven. He was the Director and got to order us around; politely of course. This is something he has always loved to do, so I suspect he may have had the best time. However, I, as the content expert, did manage to keep him on track and from getting too bossy.

We shot several “takes” of each scene to make sure we had good footage for editing later. Some of the scenes just fell apart in the middle as we all laughed and laughed when something happened. We also had Gretchen's wonderful husband managing the background work; moving sets, running last minute errands, and a doing a hundred little things that had to be done to get what we wanted on video. Some of the mistakes (bloopers) were so funny that I'm going to include them at the end of the video as amusing out-takes. Keeping my pups quiet was a challenge also – they get so enthusiastic when they hear the sound of spanking.

I have to give Casey a lot of credit for courage. He took a good spanking considering his tolerance level and lack of experience. His fair, white skinned bottom marks easily and dramatically, and I am concerned that it may look too harsh and excessive on the tape. But, the show must go on as they say.

By working and relaxing together on this production we got to know one another even better. Working and playing together as a team, with committed DWC people, is right up there with the best experiences I can think of.

I know the Contracting video will fit in perfectly as the next piece of my, hopefully, entertaining and educating video suite.


Aunt Kay


(If any of you would like to be in 'the movies', the DWC is always looking for volunteers.  Just send me a note and tell me how you'd like to participate and a photo. This information will be private and only for my information and kept in file for future productions.  We are looking for both male and female 'stars'.)