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Where Have the DWC and Aunt Kay Been?

My web address (www.disciplinarywivesclub.com) was not renewed because the holder of my URL disappeared. Despite many attempts to save it, it was released and now is being offered for several thousand dollars. As the small amounts I occasionally receive from the purchase of DWC resources do not cover my cost of maintaining the site, I am unable to repurchase it. However, I have been able to re-open the site under www.auntkaysdwc.com (and other related URLs).

During the period when the site was down, someone opened a WordPress site with substantially my content from the original DWC site, without my knowledge or permission. This person does not provide any contact information on their site, but is operating a blog, on which I posted a request the site cease violating my copyrights. To date, I have not heard back from this person, and the site appears to continue to be active. If you are visiting this site, please stop and let the operator know that they need to remove all my content from their site, including my trademark, Disciplinary Wives Club.

Please help get the word out -the real DWC is back.

Thanks for the support of so many of you who have been communicating with me via email in the interim. Please continue to do so at shetops@aol.com

Aunt Kay

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"The things which hurt, instruct."  Benjamin Franklin

The Disciplinary Wives Club (DWC) is an organization whose purpose is to encourage the application of "Good Old Fashioned" spanking and other very traditional methods of discipline by wives and committed partners. It is our experience that the vast majority of relationships that have a maternal discipline orientation are truly happy, healthy and long lasting.

We are based in a simple philosophy of love being the driver of everything in a good relationship.

Our activities involve:

  • Personal advice to women who wish to get this going in their home
  • Sharing of true stories
  • Networking for people who wish to meet others in their own geographic area

Most of our activities take place in the virtual, e-mail realm. However, there is definitely a real-life component which includes telephone discussions, meeting with individual couples and small group get togethers. We are not a commercial activity and intend to keep all of our get togethers quite small.

What we don't do:

  • We leave B&D and S&M to our wonderful friends who enjoy that.
  • We do not get into the "slave/mistress" model.

Want to meet other lifestyle couples?

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Aunt Kay resides in the San Francisco Bay Area

Many of you have either met my husband, Jerry, or have asked if you could write to him directly. His email address is kaysjerry@gmail.com