Connections is our new meeting place. It responds to the reality that women and couples, as well as men want to advertise with the DWC.

I have great faith in the honesty and integrity of the vast majority of DWC friends and participants. However, we all know that there are people out there who are not sincere or worse. In order to keep the DWC a clean, wholesome place, I reserve the right to:

*   Accept or decline any advertisement

*   Assist individuals who wish help refining their message

*   Remove ads of anyone who abuses their advertising privileges

Ads are now FREE! However, if you wish to add a photograph, there
will be a one time charge of $15.00.

EMAIL ADS to Aunt Kay for her review and assistance in composition.


Or Send Checks, Cash or Money Orders to:

P.O. Box 111973
Campbell, CA  95008